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Distributing the best of valves and instrumentation solutions

We offer a unique mix of safety and production improvement solutions tailored to meet your requirements.

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Seeking safety and production enhancements?

Our solutions are customized to meet your exact requirements

  • 80,000 square feet of service and repair facilities
  • Inventory
  • Factory certified Field Technicians
  • Customized Customer Training
  • Multiple locations across the country
  • Valve Management
  • Mobile Service Units
  • Valve Diagnostics
  • Performance Testing Engineering Support

Monitor the condition of your valves

With the Valvkeep tool, you receive status reports on health, future maintenance planning, and other resource maximizing functions.

  • Simplifies maintenance data management process through means of a centralized database.
  • Improves access to critical valve information.
  • Identifies trends in valve operation and maintenance.
  • Aids in management of parts and spares inventory.
  • Assists in troubleshooting by highlighting specific valve repair history.
  • Helps to manage repair process workflow.
  • Contributes to the development of predictive repair dates.
  • Automates equipment reports and harmonizes reporting formats.
  • Provides 24/7 access to data via a secure Internet portal.
How we're different

Our network of 130 employees extends to five service locations across Canada to better serve your business.