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Globe Valves

Masoneilan Valves 41005 Series Cage-guided Globe Valves

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Masoneilan’s 41005 Series heavy-duty globe control valves are engineered to handle the most demanding process conditions and exceeds the capabilities of comparable designs.


High Performances Design The balanced cage-guided construction of the 41005 Series provides some key advantages versus typical unbalanced and/or contoured plug type designs:

  • Higher Flow Capacities
  • Higher Pressure Drop Capabilities
  • Reduced Actuator Size and Thrust Requirements
  • Improved Stability with Larger Guide Areas
  • Increased Low Noise and Anti-Cavitation Trim Options

Wide Application Range Masoneilan’s 41005 Series control valves provide high flow capacities combined with low pressure recoveries as reflected by the high F factors. This product line also provides efficient and dependable performance over a wide range of pressures and temperatures typical in critical service applications.

Maximum Reliability Specification and selection of the best solution for any application is simplified with the standard design options and materials available in the 41005 Series. Standard product construction and material combinations are based on over 40 years of successful field experience in various process industries.

Various Seal Options

The 41005 Series is available with a variety of seal designs and materials to meet a wide combination of temperature and shut-off requirements.

Versatile Trim Solutions Various noise attenuation, anti-cavitation, and tight shut-off solutions are available within the standard 41005 product envelope. This includes the following trim options:

  • Single Stage Trim – Provides excellent low noise performance on either gas or steam applications. Also provides an effective anti-cavitation solution for liquid services.
  • Multi-Stage Trim – Provides highly effective low noise and anti-cavitation solutions for high-pressure ratio applications.
  • Pilot Balanced Trim – Provides unmatched tight shut-off performance for high temperature applications.
  • Internal Diffuser – Provides additional low noise and anti-cavitation benefits in flow-to-close (FTC) applications.
  • Engineered Solutions – Special trim designs can also be provided for applications not covered by the standard trim noted above.

NACE Compliance The 41005 Series is available for sour service applications. Standard materials and processes are in accordance with the requirements of NACE specification MR0103. Applications requiring compliance to MR0175-2003 or ISO15156 must be reviewed by Masoneilan.

Industries Served

From application engineering, valve configuration, to performance testing, supply chain management and aftermarket support, we cover any specific industrial needs.