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Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution

Contro Valve Equipment has been serving the natural gas transmission and distribution market with equipment and services for many years and has established relationships with most of the major industry players.

There are more than 150,000 kms of gas transmission and distribution pipelines across eastern Canada, including both city mains and service pipelines that connect each meter to the main.

While large industrial, electric-power-generator, and commercial customers may receive natural gas directly from the high-capacity inter- and intrastate pipelines, most end-users receive their gas from local gas companies that take delivery from the mains at the municipality (known as the citygate) and subsequently deliver it to the individual customer via a small-diameter distribution pipeline.

Contro Valve has products to serve all segments of the supply chain for natural gas.

Some examples our products for this industry include:

  • Rotary-style control valves from Becker-Mooney/ Baker Hughes are ideally suited for natural gas applications. They offer significant competitive advantages compared to cage-style valves (axial and globe). Since 1955, Becker control valve assemblies have been delivering exceptional performance. Complete regulator systems from Baker Hughes, including Becker control valves, valve regulators, actuators and pneumatic controls, have earned a reputation for outstanding reliability, accuracy and control.
  • The Mooney Flowgrid Regulator is well-suited for pressure reducing (PRV), back pressure or relief (BPV) flow control and multi-function control applications for natural gas where reliable regulation, simplicity and ease-of-maintenance are important.
  • As per the requirements of CSA Standard Z662-M99 all pipeline/compression/meter station pressure relieving devices must be inspected and functionally tested at intervals of 12 months. With the use of its mobile units, Contro Valve technicians can provide all required services for the inspection, testing and maintenance of these devices.
  • Whether on the sending or receiving end of the natural gas distribution system, it is important that the actual value of transported gas is assessed correctly. Because natural gas is compressible, the volume varies as a result of live pressure and temperature changes occurring in the pipeline. Galvanic Applied Science’s GasMicro electronic volume corrector compensates for these variations to calculate the true volume of gas flowing through the meter. Furthermore, Galvanic’s line of gas chromatographs provide accurate and rapid measurement of the calorific value of gas being purchased by major consumers.
  • MSA’s line of fixed gas detection devices are widely used in the detection of flammable gases. For example, the Observer-i is the world’s first ultrasonic gas leak detector equipped with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) real-time broadband acoustic sound processing technology. The ANN algorithm has been “trained” with these recordings to automatically distinguish between unwanted acoustic background noise and dangerous gas leaks. Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors are based on robust microphone technology; they detect outdoor leaks by sensing the distinct high frequency ultrasound emitted by all high-pressure gas leaks. With the unique Gassonic ultrasonic sensing technology, leaking gas itself does not have to reach the sensor– just the sound of the gas leaking. Faster response times and lower operation costs can be obtained.
  • Yokogawa’s range of field instruments are used on gas pipeline applications, particularly their line of robust pressure and temperature transmitters. Yokogawa also offers a broad range of instruments for analytical applications including measurement of gas density and chemical composition.

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