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Baker Hughes Masoneilan

High accuracy equipment built to last

Built for high precision, reliability, and durability in even the harshest environments, the portfolio of Masoneilan control valves offer high accuracy and repeatability over a long operating life, no matter the application. From linear and rotary control valves to safety valves and valve positioners, we have developed our next-generation valves with the latest digital technologies to help you reduce operating expenses while worrying less about regulatory compliance.

Extend the life of your operations. Our Masoneilan control valves are built to weather severe conditions, including high temperatures, large pressure drops, corrosive and erosive fluid applications. With a range of performance-enhancing resources, diagnostic software, and valve health monitoring tools, you can increase efficiency by eliminating maintenance costs and downtime.

Our control valves have numerous advantages including:

  • Designed for longer operating life
  • Improved safety and minimized downtime
  • Ensured compliance and extended life of equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs and environmental risks
  • Greater precision and control


Masoneilan* Process Control Valves Condensed Catalog