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Masoneilan Valves 84000 Series Steamform Valve

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GE’s Masoneilan SteamForm valve combines 15 years of proven pressure reduction performance with an advanced, patented desuperheating technology design.


Available with a wide selection of performance enhancing configurations, Masoneilan* valves from GE offer the optimized solution for virtually every steam conditioning application:

  • Thermally Compensated Trim for High Temperature Cycling
  • High Performance Spray Nozzles for Accurate Temperature Control
  • Multi-Stage Lo-dB* Trim for High Pressure Reduction
  • Fast Stroking Speeds for Turbine Bypass Quick Response
  • Patented Flow Profiler for Enhanced Desuperheating Performance

Full Range of Options for Spray Water Control

Masoneilan products from GE complement SteamForm valve technology with a full line of spray water control valves ranging from the single-stage pressure control of the 21000 Series valve, through the high-end, multi-stage LincolnLog valve solution for anti-cavitation.

Instrumentation Technology for Improved

Process Yields
GE’s Masoneilan* products provide leading micro-processor based field instrumentation technology that maximizes plant operating margins by improving process yields, while reducing plant operating and maintenance costs. Award winning HART* communicating Smart Valve Interface (SVI*) and Fieldbus Valve Positioner (FVP*) digital positioners from GE help users realize improved asset effectiveness resulting in higher returns on investment. These digital positioners deliver improved process yields through patented tuning algorithms that optimize valve control performance.

A High Degree of Application Flexibility

Steam conditioning requirements and plant operating practices vary across every industry. Process plants require steady operation and precise steam temperature control to improve the performance of downstream equipment such as paper machines or other auxiliary equipment. Power plants rely on fast response and low noise performance to cycle their plants and manage turbine trips. Each of these environments calls for a specific range of operating criteria, including inlet and outlet pressures, temperature limits, thermal cycling of equipment, and operating rangeability.

Because the SteamForm* valve has a wide range of options, it’s compatible with all facets of process steam operation, from noise control to temperature control, fast opening operation to tight shutoff, and daily start-stop to smooth continuous control. Each SteamForm* valve solution is designed to meet specific customer requirements for steam conditioning, ensuring a proper fit and longterm success in operating performance.

Industries Served

From application engineering, valve configuration, to performance testing, supply chain management and aftermarket support, we cover any specific industrial needs.