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28000 Series Varipak Control Valves

Precise Microflow Valves with Compact Design. Created specifically for low flow applications, the Masoneilan 28000 series Varipak control valve from GE provides excellent throttling control performance with a wide range of options and capabilities to meet your specific needs.

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Designed with an extremely integrated and compact assembly, the valve’s key design features include:

Heavy Top-Guiding
To promote excellent plug stability and control even under high-pressure drop conditions an integrated plug guide and seat ring provides rugged valve plug support along the entire stroke length. Heavy guiding is critical for controlling vibration damage, providing dependable control and seating performance, and minimizing trim mechanical wear.

Application Flexibility
One size hardly ever fits all applications. That’s why the Varipak valve offers the flexibility of 10 standard contoured trim designs based on the same body platform. These multiple trim sets help reduce the effects of valve oversizing and improve control loop performance, resulting in better process efficiency.

Adjustable Flow Coefficient (CV)
With the valve’s adjustable Cv option, you can easily accommodate changing operating conditions. The Cv value can be increased or decreased simply by setting a knob within the actuator assembly.

Compact Assembly
The Varipak control valve’s modular design and force amplification actuator technology enabled its space saving, compact assembly. In addition, the actuator includes a low-profile, top mounted hand wheel option.

Anti-Cavitation Trim
The Varipak valve is available with an effective high-pressure, liquid let-down, anti-cavitation trim solution – the Varilog trim. This unique design includes a multi-stage axial flow plug and liner, which provides dirt-tolerant operation and high wear resistance.

Design Flexibility
Other standard configurations include a high-pressure ASME Class 2500 design, a zero-emissions Bellows seal design, and a design for cryogenic applications. The Varipak valve is also available with an angle body design to accommodate existing piping configurations.

Ease of Maintenance
The Varipak control valve’s simple, top-entry, body construction includes an integrated body and bonnet design, which allows for easy access and removal of the quick change trim. The integral liner and seat ring construction reduces the number of components, simplifying assembly and disassembly. In addition, the modular actuator design further enhances the maintainability of this unique valve assembly.

Industries Served

From application engineering, valve configuration, to performance testing, supply chain management and aftermarket support, we cover any specific industrial needs.