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Baker Hughes Becker

Outstanding Reliability, Accuracy and Control

Since 1955, Becker* control valve assemblies have been delivering exceptional performance to the natural gas industry. Complete regulator systems from Baker Hughes, including Becker control valves, valve regulators, actuators and pneumatic controls, have earned a reputation for outstanding reliability, accuracy and control. Highlighting their advanced engineering technology, these systems continue to provide proven service to customers around the globe.

Outstanding Products, Advanced Technology

All components of a regulator system must work together to maintain a desired set point of processes that vary in the system -- including pressure and flow rate. Becker control valve assembly components work in synergy to produce a number of competitive advantages.

  • Valve Regulator. GE Oil & Gas’ unique Becker ZERO BLEED* Valve Regulator Pilot (VRP) instrumentation acts as the brains of the system, effectively combining the capabilities typically found in two devices -- a controller and a positioner. It senses information about each process variable, processes its relationship to the desired set point, and communicates this information to the actuator.
  • Actuator/Pneumatic Controls. Based on the information received from the valve regulator, the actuator supplies the force and motion to open or close the control valve, which then adjusts for deviations in the set point. Our pneumatic control systems provide unsurpassed control capability with easy adjustment and negligible to non-existent atmospheric bleed. Becker actuators can be supplied with custom-designed control systems to meet highly specific customer requirements. Whether installed in the field or factory-assembled, they can be tested on the valve of your choice.
  • Control Valve. The control valve affects the flow of fluid to control pressure differential, flow rates, velocity and noise. A variety of different Becker T-Ball* rotary-style control valves are available to best fit your needs.


Becker Comprehensive Product Catalog

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