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Masoneilan Valves 78400 / 18400 series LincolnLog Valves

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The Masoneilan LincolnLog is the premier high-pressure liquid letdown valve in the process control industry.


It is a field proven severe service solution for cavitating and erosive applications in various industries. The LincolnLog is uniquely designed to operate reliably in harsh environments and dirty liquids. Key design features of the LincolnLog include:

Cavitation Elimination The multi-step flow path created by the LincolnLog trim design reduces the pressure drop in multiple stages without allowing the local pressure to drop below the fluid vapor pressure thus preventing cavitation. These active stages throttle in unison to avoid taking the full pressure drop across any individual stage.

Dirt Tolerant Wide flow paths in the LincolnLog allow free passage of large particles through the unique trim and body design without causing any damage or loss of capacity. This ensures continuous and efficient operation by eliminating concerns of potential clogging due to entrained particles. The LincolnLog is a proven problem solver in dirty service applications.

Heavy Plug Guiding Guiding is provided along the full length of the plug by a hardened liner, which minimizes any vibration effects and results in excellent dynamic stability. This helps to improve product yield through accurate and smooth process control.

Versatile Trim Options Standard LincolnLog trim is available in 3, 4 and 6 stages with different staging ratios to cover the vast majority of high-pressure liquid letdown services. Masoneilan can also provide engineered solutions consisting of additional stages to satisfy specific application requirements. The LincolnLog is available with both balanced and unbalanced plug designs for greater application flexibility.

Protected Seat Design Overlap is designed into the trim at low lift to keep high velocity flow away from the valve seat. This helps to avoid seat erosion and extends the operating life under high pressure drop conditions.

Reliable Tight Shutoff Standard seat leakage rating for the LincolnLog meets IEC 534-4 and ANSI/FCI 70.2 Class V shutoff. An optional soft seat design provides Class VI bubble tight shutoff. It includes a patented sliding metal collar design, which protects the soft seat from extruding and serves as a back-up seating surface. The LincolnLog can also be supplied with block valve tight shutoff per MSS-SP-61.

Ease of Maintenance LincolnLog’s simple top-entry design includes quick change trim for easy access and removal. The integral liner and seat ring also reduces the number of components and simplifies assembly and disassembly.

NACE and PED Compliance The LincolnLog is available for Sour Service Applications using the design and construction methods defined in NACE Standard MR0103. Product configurations for applications requiring compliance to MR0175 – 2003 or ISO 15156 are also available upon request. The LincolnLog is also designed for compliance with Pressure Equipment Directives (PED) requirements.

Industries Served

From application engineering, valve configuration, to performance testing, supply chain management and aftermarket support, we cover any specific industrial needs.