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Safety Relief Valves

Consolidated 1900 Series Safety Relief Valve

The Consolidated 1900/P series safety relief valve from GE is designed to easily adapt to a wide variety of application requirements.

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INLET SIZES 1 " (25.4 mm) through 8 " (203.2 mm)
INLET RATINGS ANSI Class 150 through 2500
OUTLET SIZES 2 " (50.8 mm) through 10 " (254 mm)
OUTLET RATINGS ANSI Class 150 and 300
ORIFICE SIZES Fourteen sizes: D through T
TEMPERATURE RANGE 90°F (32°C) to 850°F (454°C)
MATERIALS Cast carbon steel body with stainless steel trim is standard
BLOWDOWN 7% to 12% below the set pressure
BACK PRESSURE LIMIT 50 psig (3.45 barg)

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost of ownership. Heavy duty construction provides longer valve service life, reduced maintenance costs, and easy valve conversions.
  • Simplified conversion. Design flexibility and parts interchangeability accommodate process changes by simplifying conversion to a variety of designs.
  • Improved leak protection and safety. A soft seat design feature helps keep the valve leak free at 95 percent of set pressure over 100 psig., while a backup metal seat provides additional safety.
  • Enhanced seat tightness: The patented Thermodisc *Seat (standard on the 1900/P1 and 1900/P3 series valves) delivers enhanced seat tightness.
  • Compliance to API Standard 526-2002. These valves comply with API Standard 526 Fifth edition, 2002. When required for replacement , Consolidated 1900/P series valves are also available with connections and dimensions in accordance with supplanted API Standard Third edition 1984 and prior editions.
Industries Served

From application engineering, valve configuration, to performance testing, supply chain management and aftermarket support, we cover any specific industrial needs.