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Waste Water Treatment

A number of trends are driving demand and innovation in the water-treatment industry, including an increasing level of regulation, the drive for cost reduction, reducing the volume of chemicals used in treatment, and environmental aspects such as energy consumption and discharges.

Contro Valve offers the products of a wide variety of manufacturers to meet some of these challenges, including:

  • MSA’s comprehensive line of fixed gas detection products continuously protect workers and contractors in the treatment plants. Areas of the plants that are subject to flooding such as wet wells and influent headworks, are ideal for MSA's Tri-Gas Monitor sample draw custom system. The system is ideal for monitoring oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and combustible gases (methane). In addition, the system is specifically designed for optimum performance in high-moisture environments. The TriGard Gas Monitor detects chlorine, sulfur dioxide, other toxic gases, remote combustible gases, and oxygen deficiency or enrichment. These monitors are designed specifically for water and wastewater applications.

  • Since developing its first magnetic flowmeter for industrial use in 1953, Yokogawa has provided a wide range of flow measurement solutions with high quality, accurate and reliable products. They also offer analytical solutions for measurement of conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and pH. All of these products are designed to provide maximum accuracy, stability, safety and reliability, with the objective of reducing the cost of ownership.

  • VEGA is an experienced supplier of instrumentation for sewage and potable water treatment plants. The company has been delivering level and pressure sensors to treatment plants around the world for decades. VEGA instrumentation provides accurate measurement data as a basis for automatic control of the various process steps. All sensors use state-of-the-art technology and are optimised and certified for deployment in wastewater treatment facilities. Applications include chemical tank level measurement, pressure differential in filters and Parshall flume flow measurement. Some examples of specific devices for this segment include the Vegaplus WL 61 radar combined with the VegaMet 391 controller to measure and document storm water overflow discharge events. The Vegabar 82 pressure transmitter with its ceramic measuring cell can be a good choice for abrasive conditions.

  • Galvanic Applied Science’s continuous, real-time, on-line liquid-analysis products give you peace of mind to help avoid cataclysmic events before they happen: they’ll alert you the moment parameters are not meeting specifications so you can be proactive to remedy the situation. For example, their Monitek optical-technology-based turbidity, suspended solids, and color monitor delivers the highest performance-to-cost ratio of any in-line liquid process monitor on the market today.

  • ABZ manufactures a series of high performance butterfly valves in large diameter sizes that are appropriate for both manual or automated actuation for water treatment applications. Their 396/387 series valve is a molded in seated valve that is ideal for where chemical or abrasive resistance is required.

  • Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH line of high quality fluoropolymer lined valves can be a good choice for some of the aggressive conditions encountered in wastewater treatment.

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