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Pneumatic Valve Actuators

QTRCO provides high quality valve actuators for a variety of industries including oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage and pulp & paper. Their job is to supply actuators that do not encounter field service problems. Through the evolution of their mechanical design, they are able to provide exceptional valve actuators to commercial and industrial customers.

Applications that benefit from the corrosion resistance of the actuators:

  • Rig service boat – on deck – 7,000,000 cumulative hours
  • Jack-up rig – submerged
  • Brine plant filter systems
  • Naval – shock and vibe
  • Boiler feed pump drain
  • Pulp & Paper “Wet” areas
  • Scrubber systems
  • Mining – Lime lines, acid plant valves, slurry valves
  • Tank bottom isolation valves
  • Cooling water towers
  • Caustic wash down
  • Food processing – Water and steam process and cleaning systems

A number of features that differentiate the actuator from competition such as:

  • Physical partial stroke XRCISER
  • Stainless or Amalga Cylinders
  • Very high operating speeds
  • Simple, safe maintenance (captured springs)
  • Balanced, fully scalable design


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