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Thermal Power

Contro Valve can help plant operators in just about all aspects of a thermal power plant.

Power generation facilities face the daily challenges of avoiding unplanned outages, improving fuel efficiency and minimizing maintenance costs. The products and services of Contro Valve can help plant operators in just about all aspects of a thermal power plant, including operators of HRSGs in natural gas fired combined cycle power plants.

Contro Valve can help plant operators in just about all aspects of a thermal power plant

Some examples of what we can offer the industry include:

  • The complete line of Consolidated pressure relief valves can be used by power generation plants for overpressure protection in all areas of Section I power boilers, including boiler drums, superheaters and reheaters. For example, Consolidated’s pilot operated safety relief valves give plant operators a powerful tool that offers lower lifecycle costs, easier installation and maintenance, and even the potential for increased efficiency and output. Consolidated safety valves are built with many features that meet ASME requirements for steam-compressible fluids.
  • The Masoneilan 35002 Camflex control valve can be used in a wide variety of recirculating liquid flow control applications. Its ‘tight close” feature makes it particularly well suited for this application. The 41000 series cage guided globe valve is widely used for feedwater and high-pressure steam flow control applications. The 78000 lincolnlog is a good choice for anti-cavitation applications such as boiler feedwater recirculation control.
  • Contro Valve Inc. has factory authorized repair centers certified for the assembly, repair, and testing of safety and control valves of a wide variety of manufacturers. We have facilities in five locations including Quebec (Brossard), Ontario (Sarnia, Burlington and Thunder Bay) and Manitoba (Brandon) with over 80,000 square feet of space for assembly, verification and repair of valves. In addition, we have over 30 certified technicians to serve the territories. Our substantial workforce allows us to deploy resources to handle large plant shutdowns with tight deadlines. Our shop facilities are further supported by our mobile trailer repair units equipped for valve repair and testing on liquid and gas (air) in situ or elsewhere on-site at the customer’s facilities.
  • VEGA is an experienced supplier of instrumentation for power generation plants. For decades the company has been delivering level and pressure sensors for use in energy production around the world. VEGA instrumentation delivers accurate measurement data as the basis for automatic control of the various process steps. All sensors are based on state-of-the-art technology and optimized and certified for use in the energy sector. For example, Vega level measurement devices are used to detect level in a wide variety of liquid tanks within power plants.
  • Yokogawa’s offers a wide range of reliable instruments for power plant applications including pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and flow meters. It’s zirconia oxygen analyzers and lasers are used for combustion monitoring and control applications and are relied on by a wide range of industries to optimize combustion and reduce NOX emissions.
  • Power plant operators come into contact with all sorts of hazards including toxic gases, combustible gases and work in confined spaces. MSA’s full range of products for fixed gas detection and flame detection are perfectly suited for improving the safety of industrial work environments.
  • Galvanic’s Accuchrome chromatograph is used to make on-line measurement of calorific value and composition of fuel which can be important elements for optimizing power plant output and efficiency. This third-generation Btu and hydrocarbon gas chromatograph is designed and built for critical process-monitoring and control applications in the harshest environments
  • Contro Valve’s Integration department can design a Combustion Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) that will meet the regulatory requirements of your respective provincial regulatory body for such elements as NOx, SOx, CO, CO2, O2 and particulate. These systems are built using components from reputable manufacturers and are designed for ease of operation and maintenance.

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