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Government and Institutions

Contro Valve’s product offering for Government and Institutional market, research facilities and universities.

A range of precise measurement devices

Contro Valve’s product offering for the Government and Institutional market is mostly focused on servicing the valve and instrumentation needs for central heating systems including safety relief valves, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, flow control valves, conductivity devices and fixed gas detectors. For research facilities and universities, Control Valve can offer a range of precise measurement devices including equipment for analyzing both gases and liquids. Some examples of our products for this segment include:

  • Baker Hughes line of safety relief and flow control valves are widely used in central heating systems for institutions and government facilities. Consolidated® Safety Valves are designed for use in boilers, hot water systems as well as air service applications. Masoneilan control valves can be used on a variety of flow control applications for both steam and liquid such as boiler feedwater and economizer applications.
  • Yokogawa’s recorder portfolio includes both the more conventional chart recorders and paperless recorders are widely used in R&D labs to collect and display data from experimental equipment. The DX1000/DX2000 display measured data in real-time on a high-resolution color TFT liquid crystal display. Electronic signatures can be added to the saved data records at the DXAdvanced R4 DX1000/DX2000 itself or using the included PC software package. In addition to the above DX recorders can also be networked to a PC server and accessed via Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • For municipal ice arenas, MSA’s Chillgard RT Refrigerant Monitor is capable of detecting refrigerant gas down to 1ppm. This MSA unit is purpose-built to monitor up to eight remote areas—and is completely configurable to detect either a specific refrigerant or group of refrigerant gases.
  • Apollo has a range of valve products for saturated steam applications. In HVAC their products work very well in steam heating services, such as steam trap isolation and heat tracing.
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada provides important information on tide levels for navigation, for sport and recreational activities and for important research efforts. The Tides, Currents, and Water Levels Web Site provides predicted times and heights of high and low waters, and the hourly water levels for over seven hundred stations in Canada. Vega level have been selected for this critical task.
  • Brooksbank Valves designs & manufactures a vast range of high quality Isolation valves in a range of Bronze, NiAlBr and exotic alloys, for the Naval Defense industry.

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