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Kayden Thermal Switches

Flow, Level, Interface Switches & Transmitters

Innovation & Quality from the Beginning Kayden started manufacturing in Calgary, Canada in 1994. Kayden's unrivaled family of products has contributed to customer satisfaction the world over. Kayden manufactures an innovative line of Thermal Flow, Level, Interface & Temperature Switches and Transmitters for use in critical industrial applications, to many different industries around the world. Kayden thermal switches and transmitters are operating in your industry. Solutions for flow, level, interface and temperature applications are our specialty.

Reliable & Dependable Kayden switches are unique. Kayden switches use state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled electronics. Highly accurate and reliable, Kayden switches include built-in diagnostics and Modbus communications capabilities. From simple on/off applications to complex control strategies, Kayden products provide solutions.

Multiple Applications with One Switch Our CLASSIC models can be used as either a flow switch, level switch, interface switch or a temperature switch. There is no need to specify the switch function at time of order. The CLASSIC Series can be installed as a flow switch today and configured by the customer to be a level controller tomorrow.

Air, Gases, Liquids & Slurries The CLASSIC can be used in air, gases, liquids or slurries. With an array of sensor sizes, materials and configurations available including insertion and in-line, threaded or flanged and retractable packing gland styles, a CLASSIC model will fit your application.

We Serve Your Industry Kayden serves the oil & gas, petrochemical, refining, chemical, pipeline, manufacturing, power generation, utilities, transportation, engineering, forestry, automotive, plastics, textiles, agriculture, mining, food & beverage, water & wastewater, and pollution control industries.

Cost-Efficient Products Kayden is customer-oriented and responsive to the process control market. Kayden products are economical to acquire, have an extremely long life-cycle, are cost-effective to operate and maintain, while providing excellent performance with day-in and day-out reliability. Equally important, Kayden provides a superior service package, with comprehensive technical assistance and after-sales support.

Flow, Level & Interface Applications The CLASSIC 800 Series offer state-of-the-art electronics which include RS-485 remote communications. Level applications include level controller, tank level, high level alarm, low level alarm, wet/dry alarm, leak detection, and various other applications involving level alarms. Another common application is interface control, especially those requiring an oil/water interface switch.

Pump Protection & Seal Leak Detection Kayden switches are widely used in pump protection, seal leak detection, and flow/no flow applications.


Kayden Thermal Switches Brochure