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Gas & Flame Detection

Z-Gard® Combo Monitor

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The MSA Z-Gard COmbo Gas Monitor features an integrated carbon monoxide sensor and is ideal for use in small garage monitoring and ventilation control applications. Generally, wall-mounted in the area where the target gas is to be measured, the Z-Gard COmbo Gas Monitor can also act as a controller, managing up to seven additional remote Z-Gard Gas Sensors via RS-485 serial data bus connections.


  • Integrated carbon monoxide sensor.
  • 100 and 200 ppm full scale ranges available.
  • Local audible/visual alarm status indication.
  • Relay contact outputs interface with air handling equipment to control the vehicle exhaust emissions or general air quality inside buildings.
  • Two levels of alarm, plus fault relays are field programmable.
  • The alarm relay can be made to latch in the activated position even after the alarm has been cleared.
  • Pushbutton to silence an audible alarm or reset the latching alarm relays.
  • Sensor status feature provides an indication if either the integral sensor or any other remote sensor fails to communicate properly.
  • Additional Z-Gard remote gas sensors may be connected to the monitor’s RS-485 network port. CO, NO2, LEL Combustible
  • 4-20 mA output representing the highest reading generated from the remote sensors and onboard sensor.
  • Units available with LED readouts and status LEDs or status LEDs only
  • 4-20 mA analog output can be integrated with PLC, DCS or building automation systems.


CSA Certificate of Compliance N° LR51078-5

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