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Gas & Flame Detection

Toxgard® II Gas Monitor

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Simply connect the convenient ToxGard II Gas Monitor to a power source and a remote sensor, and it's ready to detect toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen deficiency. The indoor/outdoor unit is housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure and features a large LED screen, three levels of alarm and a failsafe fault relay output.


  • Indoor/outdoor gas monitor detects toxic and combustible gases, oxygen deficiency.
  • Automatic calibration eliminates guesswork and ensures textbook calibration.
  • Unit features 70 db sona-alert, and can be outfitted with 93 db or 95 db horns.
  • Battery backup provides convenient reserve power.


  • UL - 091217_NYOK_E190480
  • UL - 110412_JTPD_E190105
  • cUL - 091217_NYOK7_E190480
  • cUL - 110126_JTPD7_E190105

USA Approvals

Canadian Approvals

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