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Gas & Flame Detection

Chemgard® Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitor Series

The stable, durable Chemgard Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitor is purpose-built and detects minute amounts of a wide variety of gases.
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Three different enclosure styles ensure there is a configuration for wildly different situations. The instrument typically draws the gas sample via an internal pump, which allows the unit to be mounted in a convenient location if the area to be monitored is inaccessible. The unit can be expanded to monitor up to 8 locations, while an easy-to-read display shows gas concentrations and 3 levels of alarms.


  • Cost-efficient remote monitor detects minute traces of hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols, CO2, CO and toxics.
  • Three different styles provides mounting options.
  • Unit can expand to monitor up to 8 locations with 3 levels of alarms.


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